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The open GUTENBERG 3.0 project, launched in 2016 as a contribution to the documentary preservation and transmission of knowledge

Simple is Beautiful - create and manages local libraries up to millions of files

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40 years computing: 50's 60's 70's 80's TECHNICAL MANUALS

    At the beginning of time, I began looking for a manual to document any old computer in my collection. Then, for many years I dedicated myself to collect technical manuals of classical computers by 50's, 60's, 70's and especially 80's years.

    Then I developed a simple and powerful search engine that was able to handle hundreds of thousands (even millions) of files of any kind (PDF, DOC, MP3, AVI, etc.) without timeouts, I designed an interface as compact as possible and ... Voila!!

    Here is the result:

Xfinder Open Project Gutenberg 3.0

Xfinder is a free application for researchers, teachers, students, etc.
You may request from the author a copy registered for personal use by contacting:

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DOWNLOAD - Open Project Gutenberg 3.0

XX-Finder is Shareware and Portable Software

ZX-FINDER interface

WIN-FINDER interface

C64-FINDER interface

CPC-FINDER interface

PB-FINDER interface

DOS-FINDER interface [ambar/green/cyan]

MAC-FINDER interface

Screenshot help system integrated into the application.
MULTILANGUAGE support included

View full content of the RECompilation#1 (RETROCOMPUTING)

If you are a researcher, teacher or student, you can request a full and registered version:

Download EVALUATION copy

Descarga directa oficial XFINDER Open Project Gutenberg 3.0 Shareware Software Xfinder Portable

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Portable Compatible Software for ALL WINDOWS! SystemFree Virus SoftwareFree Virus Software

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INFO - Open Project Gutenberg 3.0

SUBJECT: XX-Finder is an home (shareware) application portable and multiplatform management and maintenance of big repositories of digital files and part of the Gutenberg 3.0 project

LICENSE: non-commercial software (shareware) for personal and exclusive use of researchers, students, collectors and users of any previously authorized by the author. All rights reserved.

KEYWORD: gutenberg 3.0,open project, software, tools, utils programs, search engine, managers, repositories, digital library, archives, documents, digital content, preservation, algorithms, computer, search, thesaurus, technology, technology, thesaurus, database, documentaries, management, transmission, knowledge, digital culture, portable applications, windows, technicals manuals classic computers pocket computers

SCOPE: Project NONCOMMERCIAL, personal and independent for the support in the management and maintenance of huge repositories, documentary collections and / or libraries of digital files in home environments and / or corporate using the search engine Finder based on technology thesaurus. The software has been developed to run on any Microsoft Windows platform and fully portable (without installation).

GOAL: Manage/immediate access to various digital content (audio, images, digital books, documents, links, etc.) by providing direct access (1400% faster than the built-in Windows tool) repositories / collections / libraries even several million entries, files and / or documents.

POPULARIZATION OF SCIENCE: On the other hand and while providing a useful utility flexible document management and high performance, managed to preserve and pass on part of the digitized available online knowledge and beyond that otherwise would remain useless or hidden from the eyes of researchers, historians, students, collectors, etc.

ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY COMPILATION INCLUDED: Along with personal Finder application, complete recopilatorio of sample is included with over 1000 manuals and technical documents of classical computers digitalized on a Memory with 16 GBytes of capacity, work of years collection that undoubtedly many collectors and researchers will appreciate.

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